This project consists of a visual system created for UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services. This concept work was created as part of an interview process for a graphic design position with the University of California. The prompt was to develop an engaging and innovative three-piece marketing package for Student Housing and Dining Services including at least one print, one digital, and another of my choice, and should include retail services, residential services, and another service provided by any of the six units the marketing department supports. Challenges and key considerations were understanding and utilizing the current social climate, growing trends in graphic design and UC Davis Brand Standards to create a cohesive marketing package. It was meant to both test my creativity and show my adherence and knowledge of brand standards.
While brainstorming and developing my concept, I was attracted to the idea of an abstracted butterfly which would be slightly undercoded and work on a few different levels. Intrigued by the idea of students entering college, likely their first time living away from home and the freedom that provided, but also searching for belonging and acceptance, I was inspired by looking out my window at my garden noticing a butterfly who encompassed the idea of perfect freedom, but then would land when it found something that appealed to it. Finding its place. This idea would also work as an abstracted book, tying into the academia aspect of my concept. Butterflies also are important pollinators, tying into the agricultural history and focus of UC Davis, well known as the Aggies.
The butterfly idea as well as verbiage is repeated throughout my system. A very abstract butterfly stripped down to merely wings and antennae also references plates in motion to represent dining services provided by this department of the university.
At this point the butterfly is abstracted to the extreme of just three shapes representing the two wings with body between them and also meant to reference the idea of layers representing the multitude of services provided all under the umbrella of UCDSHDS.
Further defining my system and transitioning from print to digital pieces, I created a series of social media ads and a landing page to work as a cohesive set. Color palette and typographic choices were made in adherence to UC Davis' strong branding guidelines.

This work is solely conceptual and is not affiliated with and does not represent the University of California, Davis in any way.
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